Jonah King

Jonah King is an interdisciplinarity artist exploring human/nonhuman relations and speculative futures. Their multifaceted world-building projects examine how ecological intimacies influence individual and social identity.




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Jonah King

Purple Jellydisc

Live Motion Capture Avatar Performance


Purple Jellydisc is a performance work that uses the framework of a guided meditation to trace our extended body within the larger ecosystem. Performed by the artists and mediated through live-puppeteered avatars, the voice of a queer sentient earth leads the audience on a journey that begins with a meditation of scientific musings and concludes with an intimate ecological encounter. The work is composed in part by an artificial intelligence (AI)-system that amalgamates historic ecological texts with Internet-found erotica.

Made in collaboration with Sue Huang. Supported by NEW INC, New Museum, Science Sandbox, Simons Foundation. 

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Witches Butter

Digital Human Workshop at Visual Carlow Museum


How can digital humans help us tell our stories?

For the first event in the Speech Sounds programme, artist Jonah King hosts a digital avatar workshop on Thursday 9 September at 7pm. In this workshop, Jonah will introduce how ultra-realistic CGI puppets are made and animated, and how they are used in art, gaming and film.

In the second half, the group will be invited to share fictional and non-fictional stories in response to the “Where does your body begin and end”. These stories will anonymously inspire metahuman characters in Jonah’s upcoming film ‘Honey Fungus’.

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Tongue The Sun: Unfathomable Intimacies (performance)

Mocap Livestream Performance Reading


Tongue The Sun draws attention to the materiality of our body’s ecosystem via an online web project comprising an interactive digital sculpture, live avatar essay reading, and NFT set.

Supported by the Irish Arts Council COVID Response award, this project aims to reach a public under lockdown, when our biology, in all its fragility, has taken priority over global trade, party-politics, and identity divisions that characterize our time. By reinterpreting how evolutionary forces undermine stability in modern life, this project invites us to consider the world through a lens that disrupts heteronormative categorisations, redefining organisms, species, and individuals’ value and identity classifications.

Supported by The Arts Council of Ireland  / An Chomhairle Ealaíon and NCAD Gallery. 

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Bodies of Water

Video Installation, Theatre, Participatory


Bodies of Water is a four-channel video exhibition and theatrical work created under the guise of Ira Dean, a fictional video artist who dissapeard 10 years ago on a voyage to the North Atlantic Garbage Patch. Every evening, the exhibition becomes a responsive theatrical performance led by curator Jan Kavanagh (Una Kavanagh), Ira Dean's former assistant and romantic partner...
The mystery of her disappearance has haunted Jan for the last decade. Was it an accident? A tragedy? A hoax? We join her as she searches for clues in the surviving artworks.

Developed in collaboration with Maeve Stone and Eoghan Carrick, with sound design by Frank Sweeny, Bodies of Water premiered at the Dublin Fringe Festival in September 2019.  

Co-created with Eoghan Carrick, Maeve Stone, Úna Kavanagh.
Performed by Úna Kavanagh
Video Performance - Maria Oxley Boardman, Maeve O’Mahony
Sound Design
Frank Sweeney
Costume Design
Maeve Stone
Lighting Design
Eoghan Carrick and Cillian MacNamara
Text compiled by 
Maeve Stone
Aisling Ormonde
Production Manager
Sean Dennehy
Stage Manager
Zoe Reynolds
Assistant Directors
Kevin Michael Reed, Annachiara Vispi
Set Construction
Andreas Kindler von Knobloch, Ivan Pelaez
Photography Alex Gill

Dublin Fringe 2019

Nominated for Best Audio Visual Design Dublin Fringe Festival Awards.

Supported by
The Arts Council of Ireland / An Chomhairle Ealaíon, Corn Exchange Theatre Company, Hesse Flatow New York, Dublin City Council, The Samuel Beckett Centre and MAKE Artist Residency. Developed at FRINGE LAB.