Jonah King

Jonah King is an interdisciplinarity artist exploring human/nonhuman relations and speculative futures. Their multifaceted world-building projects examine how ecological intimacies influence individual and social identity.




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Jonah King

Unfathomable Intimacies



Every egg a person carries forms inside their ovaries while they are still in the womb of their mother. In that way, my mother was once inside my great-grandmother’s womb, and I spent time in the womb of my grandmother. My grandmother is fast asleep right now, in the creaking bed that she was born in. Her giant black collie dog is snoring on the floor beside her....

This text forms the basis of Honey Fungus and Tongue the Sun

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Baskets of photographs in a Spanish flea market. I look like the boy in front of the Christmas tree; on the high chair surrounded by chubby aunts; held in the air by a grinning father on some suburban driveway. Mustard-yellow Volvo, patio furniture. Fractured sunlight dancing on a picnic blanket. What is that food they are eating? I imagine these are my memories.

Where is he now, that double of me? He lived my whole life decades before me. I am him at the moment of death, replaying his story. A basket of photos in a flea market....

This text forms the basis of All My Friends Are In The Cloud.

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DESIRE: A Revision From The 20th Century To The Digital Age (IMMA Press)

2 Birds 1 Stone



3D scan of the body of Martha, the last Passenger Pigeon, spins at a constant on the webpage of the Smithsonian Museum. At the ancient DNA lab at U.C. Santa Cruz, Ben Novak is attempting to bring her species back from extinction. He Draws DNA mostly from the soft pads between her toes and the feet of other passenger pigeons, such as her former mate George who kept her company at Cincinnati Zoo until 1910...

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This text forms the basis of Upper_Sea.

Screenshots from Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History Website (link).